My Travels

Looking back at my four years at Drake, I have been incredibly fortunate to travel to some amazing locations, both inside the United States and internationally. In each location, I have learned and grown as an individual. In some cases, traveling has challenged me in ways that I was not expecting, and I have found that I am far more capable then I thought. Here is a condensed list of some of my favorite trips:

San Diego, CA

I was chosen to be a part of a small group of campus leaders to attend the a conference held by the International Leadership Association. I learned a great deal, grew as a leader, and made lasting friendships. Swimming in the pool in November wasn’t half bad either.

New Orleans, LA

Going to New Orleans was probably one of the best experiences of my college career. This trip was a part of a January Term, and focused on themes of environmental sustainability and social justice, which are two of my passions. There I worked with various organizations, including The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, The Mississippi Center for Justice, and The Center for Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal. As a small class we accomplished various activities including the removal of invasive species, wetlands restoration, and social justice outreach.

Dublin, Ireland

I spent my fall semester of junior year in Dublin, Ireland. This was the first time I had ever been outside of the United States, and I did it completely by myself. This was one of the times in my life where I took a huge risk and it payed off. I lived with an old Irish woman, worked in an Irish non-profit, and attended an Irish school. By the time my semester was over, I truly felt a part of the culture.

London, England

While I was studying in Ireland, I was able to see other European cities, one of those being London. The architecture in London struck me as so beautiful and classic, and I spent hours just walking around. However, I will say that London was one of the most expensive cities I had ever been to, and I had to be very careful with my budget.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Besides Dublin, Amsterdam would be my favorite location that I went to. There I went to the Anne Frank Museum, which was an incredibly powerful experience. I also visited The Rijksmuseum, something that I had wanted to do for a while. I loved how kind everyone was there, and how much people relied on environmentally friendly bicycles.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

While living in Ireland, I was taught about the highly tense relationship between Northern Ireland and Ireland. Belfast seemed to be the hot spot for this tension, with literal boarders separating different parts of the city. However, it was a truly beautiful city and well worth the day trip.

Gettysburg, PA

The most recent trip that I have been on was to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to participate in a leadership training conducted by the Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg. There, we applied various battles of the civil war to different leadership issues. By mixing an a class-like environment with tours of the actual battle fields, it was a very cool experience.